New Music Video: "He Prepares a Way"

New Music Video: "He Prepares a Way"

I’m thrilled to announce that the song Angie Killian and I have been working on, “He Prepares a Way,” is live now on YouTube!

This children’s song brings life to the Book of Mormon’s promise that God prepares a way for those who love and trust in Him. 

If you enjoyed “Choose to Serve the Lord,” a song that Angie and I collaborated on two years ago, then I have a feeling that you will love this one as well. Both songs include one-liners that make it easy to remember all the amazing things that our favorite scripture heroes did. While “Choose to Serve the Lord” focuses on the Old Testament, “He Prepares a Way” celebrates the courage and faith of numerous Book of Mormon heroes, including:

  • Lehi
  • Sariah
  • The Brother of Jared
  • Enos
  • Samuel
  • Amulek
  • Alma the Younger
  • Abinadi
  • Helaman
  • The Stripling Warriors
  • Alma the Elder
  • Abish
  • And of course: Jesus

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all the incredible individuals who contributed to making this song possible:

  • Alyssa Harper brought the lyrics to life with her stunning illustrations. 
  • Josh Sales’ expertise behind the camera captured the essence of our song, making the visuals as powerful as the lyrics.
  • Jessica Eugenia Funes’ brilliant suggestion of sunflowers following the light inspired our video's vibrant color scheme.
  • Becky at VoxFox Productions and Daniel Blomberg worked their magic in arranging the track.
  • The children’s powerful voices breathed life into the music.
  • And of course, Angie Killian, my incredible collaborator in this musical journey helped to seamlessly bring all elements together.

I love the stories of the Book of Mormon and know that it was written for our day. We have so much to learn from its sacred pages. I’m so excited to share this song with you. 

Check it out now.


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