Choose to Serve the Lord

By: Blake Gillette & Angie Killian

Choose to Serve the Lord is a powerful song that invites us to make the choice to serve God and follow His plan. In writing this song with Angie Killian, we wanted a melody and sound that appeals to people of all ages while delivering a timeless message of devotion and faithfulness. The lyrics are a reminder that in a world full of distractions and temptations, we have the power to choose our path and commit to serving the Lord. The dynamic vocals and upbeat melody create a sense of energy and enthusiasm making this song perfect for children.

I Feel God's Light

By: Lori Walker & Blake Gillette

Lori Walker is an enthusiastic primary music leader in Springville Utah and contacted me on writing a primary song together in the fall of 2018. She really wanted to write a song that reflected how the Holy Ghost
speaks to us as individuals and especially to teach the children how to recognize when the Holy Ghost speaks to them. She personally equated it to “sunshine in my soul!“ Tragically, Lori was severely injured in a
cabin explosion in Heber causing multiple burns and injuries. She miraculously was rescued by three courageous men and has lived to tell the tale of her incredible journey. We reconnected after this tragedy
and were able to write this song together throughout the course of her recovery. Lori Walker and her family are and will continue to be a shining light of resilience, love, and faith. For more details of her miraculous story, please go to